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Baila! Starring David Longoria (60 Minute Version)

Baila! Starring David Longoria (90 Minute Version)

BAILA! is the TV Special produced for broadcast on PBS stations in the US. It features DAVID LONGORIA along with guest stars Jimena, Therese Neaime, April Diamond, Juliet B. Rock, Latisha and 5 Star. David’s full band and singers are complimented by many dancers performing choreographed Salsa, Tango, Hip-Hop, Bellydance, ballet and even gogo. As there is a strong influence of Latin styles in the music, the salsa, tango and bellydance are natural fits. The American dance feel brings in the hip-hop and gogo styles.

Combining Latin, Jazz and Dance has created David’s unique style in his music. The passion mixes well with the grooves and it will make you want to move! A collection of vocal and instrumental songs makes for an artistic and captivating program.

Shot in front of a live audience at the OC Pavilion in Santa Ana, California, the 90 minute HD show is a treat for the eyes as well as a digitally recorded and mixed in HD Stereo. The 40 performers on stage are all world class and tops in their field. Choreographers Oscar Ramirez (Salsa, Tango), Nancy Crouch (Bellydance, GoGo) and Cory Johnson (Hip-Hop) bring to life some exciting and passionate visuals to accompany the music.

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